Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Life Of A Psychic In Atlanta Georgia

I'm new to blogging but I'm looking at the experience as a positive energetic release!  If you are a spiritual, metaphysical soul, please like our business page on Facebook.  Also, we'd love to be Instagram friends so follow us on Instagram @psychicamanda.

Well, here's the scoop of what I've been up to these days! Summer was beautiful, but busy! I do several psychic readings each day and it's important to me that I really understand my client's circumstances so I give so much of my energy to each person I read for.

I think I'm like most women simply trying to juggle family life and my calling and also to make time for friends, travel and fitness.  Sometimes, it may be difficult to find that balance, but not impossible! In the midst of everything life may throw us, we must still find time to take care of ourselves and our physical and emotional health and well-being.

The best advice I can give is simply to take one day at a time.  Sometimes I find myself praying the prayer, "Dear God, please help me get through these next five minutes!" I'm glad I can laugh at that now.

I am looking forward to the New Year! Fresh energy is always positive energy and I fully embrace all of the good things the Universe has to bless us with in 2017 and beyond.

I am finding being a psychic in Atlanta to be very fulfilling.  It's so wonderful to be able to meet people from all walks of life and to help guide them along their life's journey.

I get clients ranging from ages 18-82! Many times, I read for celebrities, professional sports figures and reality tv stars.  I get approached so often to do a reality TV series about being a psychic in Atlanta.  While on the surface it may look fun and exciting, I know that's not the type of energy I want to bring into my life. I am always on the quest for a more purposeful life and I simply could not see how that would fit in.

I'm a natural born psychic and I became aware of my intuitive abilities around the age of 11.  That's when I could recognize that there was something a little different about my perception of the world around us.  For me, it's always been 3-dimensional, so to speak. I mean, everything in my entire life has been much like magic.

I've been a professional psychic for nearly 2 decades now and I am proud to be a part of the Atlanta, Georgia metaphysical and spiritual community.

My specialties are psychic reading, tarot card reading and the most popular, crystal energy reading. As I am to provide a private and professional experience for my clients, all my psychic readings are by appointment only.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is, "Do I have to tell you anything before you do my reading?" And the answer is "no!" I don't want any information about you or what you want to know about.  I like to allow the energy to flow and for Spirit to reveal what is on a persons spirit.

At the end of each reading, clients have time to ask whatever questions they may have.

Open your spiritual mind and allow light into your life!  I also specialize in chakra balancing and energy healing for clients that need those services.